little things

i am listening to my playlist on russ’ iTunes. and a song started up and i couldn’t figure out what it was. i liked it a lot but had no idea where the hell it came from and who was singing…

twas claire.


i’m going to see saw today. against my better gut instinct. but we shall see. saw. i am also going to dye my hair brown myself today. it’s nearly november and there is no room for blonde grown-out highlights on my head.

i am eternally frustrated by the work i have to do at the centre. not enough time to do a really good job and get things organized. just enough time to always have an endless list of things to do and john bugging me to do stuff that is beyond my means. i want to extricate myself from it but (a) i need the tiny bit of money and (b) who else would do it? I need to somehow get over the annoying and rise above it.

i’m listening to vertigo by u2 and like it beaucoup. quel surprise.

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