bubblegum shame

what to blog on about? it seems like i never am in the right spot or have enough time to properly update this fucker. i am too shy? or secretive to do it at the school computers. i don’t really want to be sharing whatever it is i write up here with forty classmates. because everyone would just rush onto the site and read read read.

i have ideas of tons of stuff to write on here and then when a moment like this comes along, i am a bit on the blank.

so the mundane. home from school & supposed to be working on a ‘feature’ story for my magazine writing class. my subject is greatest hits albums (you may or may not be aware of britney’s recently released GH album). i’ve written a bit but am prolly scrapping it to start again. and that is what i should be doing right now. instead i watched a bit of oprah where i learned (again) that i should eat blueberries and salmon, ate a can of tuna and some weird spicey brothy soup that i whipped up. my skin is in crisis mode (dry & spotty all at the same time in the same places) so i should probably adopt dr. periconne’s diet. the aforementioned salmon blueberry combo. to simplify.

i watched the behind the music on the spice girls the other night. what a flashback to first year. that was some good and spicey times. totally absurd but amazingly fun. russ couldn’t believe that i actually cried and listened to viva forever when geri quit the band. well, quit the group. i know it’s just silly pop music but listening to the spice girls actually gives me energy and joy. like a cheerleader.

i’ve never been too shy or ashamed of liking pop. but i just find that people tend to pigeonhole people. i love tons of other stuff as well that’s “cooler” to the alternative intelligentsia mafia. i dunno. i haven’t told my new school friends that i’ve been to 7 britney spears concerts. i don’t think they’d quite get it until they already know who the hell i am. that i’m not all britney all the time.

tony’s blog was funny today. super hot female. wah ha ha.

2 thoughts on “bubblegum shame

  1. If you want to secretly blog, you can create a blog by sending an email to your secret blog email address. You can create this address under settings–>email or some such.

  2. toe that is so tricky.

    and cris i of course not only what you mean. not only did i cry and listen to viva forever i put a sign up on my door that i was in mourning. i don’t feel like i could ever reveal that to, say, the boys in the band.

    lovely picture by the by. don’t remember us taking that. i should bring my digi pics to work to upload them here cause i have lots of gooduns.

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