Giller pLight

my pun is almost funny enough to erase my encroaching foul mood. i (stupidly) agreed to volunteer at the Giller Light and have been suckered into two 1-hour shifts with a lovely two hour break between. I will be Queen of the Coat Check by 12:30 a.m. And in class by 8:30 a.m.


And what does one wear to a party in a coat check room? Oh. Maybe turtleneck is a bad idea if I will be running here and there. Thank you blogging process for helping me sort this one out.

I made v. delicious sweet potato for dinner (with rosemary).

i’m in my room with the door closed and richard is in the living room and i heard his belch. granted, he just ate pizza hut. spaceballs was on the other day and man, that is one funny ass movie. combing the desert. jam in the computer. pizza the hut.

oh ya, the other annoyance about the Giller pLight is that i don’t have a buddy to hang out with all night. i like to go places with a safety person. and while there will be school peeps there, they will all be busy checking coats or something. whatever. i’ll probably have the best night of my life. probably.

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