left arm = non functional

to end the boring tree story: got tree, decorated it, ate spaghetti, watched Elf. Did eat wendy’s not mcd’s. In-laws did bicker.

Hung out with Sarain at 201 this eve. Watched beaucoup de television and ate beaucoup de things. Beet soup, pasta fagioli, 1/2 bagel with cheese, slice of roast beef, 1/2 cherry popsicle, cup of tea, glass of diet ginger ale, couple oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, one vanilla wafer cookie, one cracker dipped in hummus. i think that’s it but it’s hard to know.

just thought i’d put claire’s cookie crumb eating in perspective… no, our psychoses are different. but both respectable.

monday it snowed. the perfect winter day.

today it rained and hailed. the worst crummiest winter day.

and now it’s extraordinarily windy (branches falling, sounds like the devil) but the wind is sort of mild and watery.

russ is at his work chrimbo party. the new bosses had a meeting with the lot of them today & there won’t be any changes to the station until next fall. so russ is fine at least til then and probably longer as the A-List is doing well.

Oh yes, also had one artichoke heart and two bites of corn. Any one else feeling slightly nauseous? (that’s a tough word to spell)

i like the killers cd.

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