claire has her Cs and RussD has his movies. Perhaps I need a theme for my bloggin’ entries. Favourite things? Types of cheese? Colours? Word of the day? Or stick with randoms?

Or it could be a game where I make the titles be clues to something and whoever guesses right wins my eternal admiration.

Kay, let’s play that game. We’ll start with a Movie.

Next entry: first clue!

(by the way: have cold, studying for two last exams which are tomorrow (“which are tomorrow” = non restrictive clause), and ate some delicious hot & sour soup for lunch but it looked exactly like Klingon food. Except was not (thankfully) moving.)

3 thoughts on “theme

  1. random is a theme and re you previous previous blog i dont like idiots that much either especially when they are teachers or bosses. its particularly awful when they are clever and insensitive….i think they might be called “conservatives”

  2. o glorious day, for i have found the blogster of the lovely miss crissy, and i thought i would leave a message to say hello and how are you. so- hello! how are you? and here’s a funny story for you- i TOTALLY thought for the longest time that your last name was really calhoun, and i told claire once that i thought crissy calhoun was the rockingest name in all of existence, and i do believe she had a good laff at my expense. the rat. this is just one of many moments in my life that proves rawther conclusively that i ride the short bus. anyhooch, much lovely love to you and russ and all your family- i’m sure that we will be graced with your presence around the geddie household at some point or another.

    take care, delaware-

    love jocelyn

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