no correct guesses yet…so there’s clue no 2.

today i woke up with another red wine hangover. second of the week. that’s wrong in some way i’m sure. i laid around and did nada all day long. watched xtina’s stripped show on much & then downloaded some of her songs. the one on right now is about doin’ it. and it’s not dirrty.

my crafty present for claire is in a bit rough shape as i apparently can’t wait for things to dry. same with fingernails. wreck em everytime. i did actually buy some things for russ which i think are pretty good & hope he likes em. no matter how hard i try, i always end up participating in xmas…

One thought on “spiders

  1. I wish I could be there resisting Chrimbo with you. Or is Chrimbo precisely the absence of all the Christmas commercial voracity? What happened with the job? I’m going to read the other post’s comments now and find out if they answer that question.

    xo Bro

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