chrimbo hols

this term was introduced to me by author Louise Rennison. Her firecracker protagonist, Georgia Nicolson, likes to make up short forms for things like Geoggers for Geography and Chrimbo Hols for Christmas Holidays. It’s irreverent and that’s why I like it.

camh job

the woman roji was replacing (and who i in turn was replacing) is coming back to work in the first week of january. so i am out of a gig. gig’s up. and i still await my first paycheque. merry chrimbo to me.

clue game

anyone still wanna play?

smell of beef in the morning

diane (m-in-law) just made the biggest batch of tortiere beef ever. the house smells of beef. an odd smell at 8:30 in the morning. i’m not saying it’s making me kinda nauseous but…

shaun of the dead

is funny.

happy chrimbo eve to brits in america, canadians in thailand, and turning-brit-but-canadians at heart living north of eglinton

4 thoughts on “hotel

  1. How does perfume + spiders + hotel = scarlet johannsen? Keep in mind I haven’t seen that girl with a pearl earring movie yet and also that I will see it shortly so don’t spoil it for me ya bastards. I bought 60 dvds in Vietnam. They cost one dollar each.

  2. i didn’t get the spiders but the hotel did it, plus the fact that cris and i were discussing her.

    buying 60 dvds for that price is so very very illegal……

    x c.

  3. perfume: scarlett is currently peddling calvin klein perfume
    spiders: scarlett played the daughter in the movie Eight Legged Freaks (about giant spiders
    hotel: is the main setting of everyone’s favourite scarlett jo movie, LinT

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