vinegar and brown paper

russ dyed & chopped my hair & the first day of it was kinda scary because i looked like the Caveman Lawyer. But it settled in (physically and on me) overnight and I liked it by Monday morning. I’ll take a picture and post it. Well i bet there will be pics taken tonight as it’s erin’s bday and tom foster is in town. we shall be going somewhere college streety. at 8:30. tis the plan.

the past couple of days i’ve been going to my Ma’s to clean out my stuff. i have beaucoup de stuff. who knew i was a closet pack rat? I’m not. All that stuff is necessary. I threw out all (well, nearly all) my cassette tapes yesterday. And I read my high school journals for a while. That is weird/fun. Boy did I like Peter Reid. Bonkers.

Mom was sick on Monday with a headache/barfs and she makes me nervous with her sick attacks.

My diet was over before it began. The weekend was a shut-in for me with lots of pie. But back at school & busy w/ all my homework, there is less time for random snacking. And I’ve eaten all the snacks in the house. So that’s good. In an upsidedown way. I’ll diet later. My new jeans look good. I like ’em. I’ll get skinny another day.

What is a better name for a magazine about women’s sexuality: Chatterley’s or Boudoir? Please vote. There is dissention in a group project.

I should get ready & get to the CfA… Sorry to be so boring and dull…

4 thoughts on “vinegar and brown paper

  1. boring and dull you could never be my love.

    my vote is chatterley’s – a little more subtle. can there be a woman in a corset looking over her shoulder on the cover? thanks.

    i am in the middle of trip planning and tryin to find places to stay in tokyo which is funny cause i know nothing about it of course. ah well. what’s a girl to do when she has limited funds and time?

    also you’re not exactly a closet pack rat – i prob could have told you that about you – most of your friends could to. hard to know what to cut out of one’s life. espec for me here – when i throw something away i feel i’m severing ties somehow.

    tell tom its freezing here. but not as freezing as there.

  2. i got here and red your brown paper and vinegar. pete reid mention. geez. i’m getting FUCKING OLD!!!!! to think that both of you are married now. the getting thing is that if you have babies they won’t be fucking nazi christians.

    the world has enough of those.


  3. The problem with Chatterley’s is that it house that “chatty cathy”, gossipy goose reference that may turn some women off. On the other hand, it may subconsciously appeal to every woman’s need to be a gossipy goose. So that’s why my recommendation is Boudoir, but you should modify it to “Bootyoir” and have pics of topless women at tea parties together.

  4. not being a girl i dunno but dont you want something blatant…you know women should be proud of their sexuality and not hide it atleast thats what i think…

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