losing time

last night as i read my book and russ watched the finale to amazing race, i started thinking about how i’ll turn 26 this year. i was always ahead of everyone else. in grade 1, i was 4 and they were 5. i “should” be 23 right now. having finished my degree and half way thru this one year course. it gave me a sick feeling. i know i didn’t know what to do and that i’ve spent a LOT of time figuring that out and doing half-interesting things along the way. it’s not the end of the world. it just seems like time is racing and i am more lazy than i should be. so this very morning, i have decided to start designing the prototype for my time machine.

but before that,

4. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares Not another teen novel. Yes. Carmen buys a pair of jeans. They are magic. They look slammin hot on all four of the bestest friends ever. Summertime – the pants travel between them on their first summer apart. Basically it’s a whole lot like the Ya-Yas but with less drinking, child abuse and dancing. My first problem is that the jeans they chose to illustrate the novel are so hideous and would look crap on anyone & everyone. and i know magic jeans. just saying… I will not be reading the second in the series but will prolly see the movie

and i worry that i am wasting my time.

One thought on “losing time

  1. you so just tapped into my crisis right there. it hurts to stop being the ingenue. and to realise that you are a full blown adult. but you have a life partner and a plan, and the cleverest brain i know, and people that love you all over the globe. you’re doing great you is.

    x c.

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