case of the…

despite two run-ins w/ kirk cameron and a hang out w/ rino at the jones/formosa (sigh), russ did not have a good trip. lost luggage was a nightmare. bad trip for a guy who doesn’t like traveling anyway. they (movie co) did give him a baby blue puma bag though.

i watched In the Name of the Father last night. hard to watch with commercial interruptions but still oh so good. the opening sequence of that movie is crazy. and when i first saw it, i of course had no idea where guildford was, let alone had visited it. the prison didn’t look like kilmainham (sp?) gaol but i think when i went (a prison in dublin, not in use) they said the movie had been filmed there. that was by far the most upsetting/moving/interesting place i’ve ever been as a tourist. or human.

i look forward to many other irish themed programming this week. and perchance a guiness or two.

i am skipping my class this morning. mainly cause tammy the brainer is and if she thinks it’s a waste of time, it probably is.

hey rosie o’donnell has a blogster. just like us. hers is more tortured, gets more comments and is less pink than mine.

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