march madness

i vote that natasha gets her own blog and us lot can give her gold star stickers. it’s so easy…

it really is the end of school approaching. after yesterday, i officially have nothing more to do / hand-in to the assface teacher brant. getting there with the other classes. kids are getting a bit end-of-their-ropes and sometimes look like they’re gonna cry when they have to redo something. they should adopt my attitude of ‘fuck it.’

today i am CFA’ing, maybe picking up my liberry books, going to Ringu2 w/ Russ, then going to Amanda’s birthday party. She made up a little invitation of her face all sparkley blowing out a green st. patrick’s day birthday cake that she drew up with her mad skillz.

full stop.

2 thoughts on “march madness

  1. i second that and while i’m at it – hi tash! love and miss yer guts and hope you are comfy wherever you arexox

  2. hiya crissy and claire-a-belle, i am very comfy, yes. but have just sent out some more internship applications and am also very nervous. it feels like i just let my baby birds fly out of the nest. i hope they are good enough to fly. (that’s A LOT of bad metaphor usage for one day. i don’t actually know if i have a permit to say that.) i was just talking to my mom about when we would go grocery shopping late at night so that we would get deals on produce. she looked like she was going to cry. i wish we had a star trek transporter so that the three of us gals could have a hang out tonight. that would be lovely. crissy: mucho luvo and i hope we can have a chat, maybe over coffee or cocktails at my place this weekend. claire: i miss you and can’t wait ’til your next visit.tasha

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