sick siblings

all three boylan kids are sick. sarain is the sickest. weird timing.

i had my last day of class today. skipped my last brant class cause i felt like crap and had to get the h out of there. which means i also skipped drinks w/ classmates. kinda sad. and there’s a party tonight but i am not going. my brain is soup.

i miss claire and tony and wish that their countries of residence were closer to mine. it’s not a small world after all you disney fucks. russ is at a p-diddy baggy tshirt party. his mom and nan sent me a basket of flowers/plants to say congratulations for getting the internship. which is so sweet but also magically makes me feel bad. i guess undeserved, more than bad.

i guess i’ll go watch csi. it’s not the best choice when you feel crazee in the head but they always get the baddies. order restored over chaos.

miss you lot.

2 thoughts on “sick siblings

  1. chickadee,i miss you oodles too. i had a great thought. how bout while you are at ecw i write a really great book and you ‘find’ it and then they love you forever because you make millions. maybe you should buy kerry clare’s book instead. that is actually a good plan.x c.

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