it seems that my pestiferous nature is finally waning. perhaps it is the exedrin migraine mixed with cold remedy herbal tea, but i feel better right this second; i haven’t felt this good since last sunday. i’m hungry and i’d like a drink and a cigarette. only one of the three i will indulge. i know i’m not actually all better.

i just was reading some of meg cabot’s blog and it was luculent that she is a funny funny lady. she recapped Spring Break Shark Attack and it made me laugh out loud. Quite sapid!

my brain didn’t let me participate in april fool’s day today but sarain put an anchovy into michelle’s morning coffee. michelle contemns anchovies so it must have been extremely humourous.

i think the aliment of tom yum kai soup today really helped me on my road to recovery. thank you friendly thai.

as for my weekend plans, i temporize; unable to decide whether to go to acton or stay behind and get ready for monday. not that there is much to do. and ro will be in town tomorrow. i’m sure in the end it will all be copacetic.

this post is dedicated to word of the day emails

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