the drug of the nation

breeding ignorance and spreading radiation.

addicted, i am. veronica mars continues to sass her way thru crimes but now finds herself in murky grey waters. everyone is at hearst college but it seems like they’re never together — there’s a certain amount of tension or drama that we don’t have yet in this season. and where’s weevil? i miss him and the other PCHers. heroes, the final scene from yesterday’s episode was awesome. i love dead eyes that wake up. another sign of my problem: loving a monday holiday cause then on tuesday, when it seems like monday but really it isn’t, it means the new episode of lost is tomorrow.

my thanksgiving was marvelous. The guests: 5 boylans, 1 gosse, 1 smith and 2 westons. The menu: turkey, duck (yes, duck), gravy, cranberry, stuffing a la Stovetop & stuffing a la Grandma Anne, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted yams, green beans with almonds, Brussels sprouts a la Mum, corn, shredded beets a la perfection, pumpkin pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, and Erin’s apple crumble (as well as vanilla ice cream and cool whip…).

finally have a computer with internet (both wire and wireless) at home. so am lying on my bedroom floor bloggity blogging away. [adam is dans sa chambre studying or dancing to his beats. that’s funnier to imagine.] i successfully installed my own airport extreme card and felt very Mac DIY (because of course that’s what i was doing) about it.

my brillo shortened commute has destroyed my desire to read. either that or i am just not meant to finish everything is illuminated. i like looking at its cover, the lines and colours, but i do not want to read those words inside. boo radley.

ah to bed.

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