lucky louise

i have real peacock feathers for tonight’s costume. (michael had some from an abandoned stuffed peacock after a taxidermist shop closed.) i have an elaborate plan in my head. i wonder if my seldom-used crafting skills are up to it. i will post pics of the Clue gang and you can be the judge.

last night i finished Adverbs. i am lucky to have read two books in a row that i adored (everything is illuminated being the first). now i’ll go back and read daniel handler’s other (adult) novel. i think maya asked me recently if i do that. once i read a book and like it, do i go and read all their other work? and i had no idea. but now, i can say, yes i do. sometimes.

over in TV land, i watched a marathon of a show i’d never heard of last night. an HBO show called Lucky Louie. it’s a sitcom (filmed in front of a live studio audience) and it’s crass but really f’n funny.

over at rozzell’s, drinking my coffee black for maybe the third time in my life (it’s not so bad) and looking forward to a day of halloween decoration, snacks & booze buying. and of course costume crafting.

One thought on “lucky louise

  1. i am a jerk and completely neglected to ask you what your halloween costume was. it sounds rad. i can’t wait to see the whole clue gang. group costumes are joyous.

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