You stood there so brave / You used to be shy

Lists. It’s been a while since we’ve had those here at the Tribune.

Songs I can’t stop listening to:
1. This Isn’t It — Giant Drag

2. Take It Easy (Love Nothing) — Bright Eyes
3. Black Cherry — Goldfrapp
4. Gold Lion — Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
5. Where Is My Mind — The Pixies
6. One Day I’ll Fly Away — Nikki K from Moulin Rouge
7. Emperor’s New Clothes — Sinead O’Connor
8. Chasing Cars — Snow Patrol (I know it’s lame but so perfect sometimes…)
9. You Only Live Once — The Strokes

Things that are gross:
1. mr. noodles (chicken flava), even when you’re rather hungry
2. people horking out the streetcar window (this happens at least once every two days and by people I mean men cause I’ve never see a woman do it)
paris hilton and that article will tell ya why
4. random nice old man on the phone ruining it w/ random racist comment
5. bad things happening to people i know and love far too frequently

Things that are brilliant:
1. tattoos
2. chrimbo parties
3. bailey’s and milk or bailey’s in your a.m. latte on a satur-/sun-day (not on a work day…i’m not there yet)
4. tulips in december (thank you tash)
5. a 17-yr-old girl writing a spoken word piece (is that different than a poem?) that reminds me-now so much of me-then, it’s bonkers
6. when Ola calls me Siouxsie
7. being inexplicably smirky.

2 thoughts on “You stood there so brave / You used to be shy

  1. Snow Patrol is SO lame. When they first came out (about three years ago?), I couldn’t stomach them. And then there is something about them lately (have they put out a second album?) that I really enjoy. Still Middle of the Road but it’s a much nicer road. As I write this, I am listening to them sing a duet with Martha Wainwright on BBC Radio1, and it’s wonderful.

  2. i saw them in concert about 6 months ago or something (free tickets) and they were so generic, middle-of-the-road with the exception of maybe two songs where I was just completely enthralled. weird. i am glad they exist for those brief shining moments of cheesy goodness. and glad to have a buddy in SnowPatrol-lameness.

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