Some Romance…

to tide you over til Charlotte and Kurt return.

This is real-life romance and it comes from Kerry, Editor in Chief of Pickle Me This:

. . . And so of course, I’ve got to weave a metaphor out of all of this. Which would be that I bought my wedding dress off the rack, on sale. The dress was gorgeous no doubt, but absolutely ordinary. The odds are that I will wear it again. And that ordinariness is my point. Our love for each other is so ordinary and absolutely unremarkable (and I mean this in the most romantic way one can), and I would not have to put on a costume to proclaim that. On my wedding day, I was dressed as myself, which was all that I had to be for us to work. It wasn’t a fairy tale, but it was our real life, and one which is wonderful every day.

Pretty frakin good, eh? (Did I just kill the romance? I think I did. Sorry.)

3 thoughts on “Some Romance…

  1. you shouldn’t be – it’s lovely. also the reality was and is that you and the dress looked anything but ordinary.

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