love games

Since I don’t have a valentine…er since I have so many valentines I can’t even begin to choose a number one, let’s re-live awesome heartachy goodness from the telly:

Dylan and Kelly. Remember when Brenda went to France with Donna and was flirting with Reeeck (aka Superman on Lois and Clark) and Dylan and Kelly spent the whole summer having the best time ever? And then they were on the beach, on the eve of Brenda’s return, and they were all, “We’ll always have Paris?” That kicked ass. Less so when Brenda called Kelly a slut.

Angela and Jordan. Oh lordy. That time that Jordan’s band was performing and Angela thought the song “Red” was about her but really it was about his car? Crushing. I am still upset that they cancelled this show. It was sooooo good. I wrote a poem about it when I was 15 or so.

Of course, of course, we must have some Buffy here…but avec whom? Angel? Spike? Riley? To break from the high school angsty theme, I’m going with Buffy and Spike. After all, I’m a Spuffy at heart. And I think he loves her more than Angel does. Angel moved on to lovin’ Cordy pretty darn quickly.

Then there’s my current true love and his forever true love: Jim and Pam. I really hope they get together soon. At least for one episode. Give the people what they want. I just rewatched the season 2 finale where Jim declares his love to Pam. That is some serious heartbreaking television. le grand sigh.

I’m not including a Sawyer/Kate/Jack choice cause frankly I haven’t made up my mind on those guys. Sawyer is getting a bit too greasy for my liking and I think Kate is actually in love with Jack. I dunno. Too confusing. Next year, I’ll boldly make a call.

then there’s the best movie romance of all time. it ends badly. satine and christian from le moulin rouge. they’re my number one. let’s all listen to the soundtrack and get heavy hearts.

Vicarious romance rules.

And here’s the scientific explanation of how love works.

4 thoughts on “love games

  1. Fabulous! Dylan and Kelly on the beach to Damn I Wish I was Your Lover. Damn, I wish I was *his* lover. Even now, when he’s 42 and moderately unsuccessful. Dylan McKay could break my heart forever, and that would be all right.

  2. Jim Halpert all the way. And then greasy Sawyer. (Give him a break, Calhoun, he’s been stuck on a desert island, in a cage. Eating fish biscuits.) And then *maybe* Angel, but I’ve seen him on Bones now, and he’s become too jowly for me…

  3. Awesome post! I think my most heartbreaky television love moment is Buffy plunging the sword into Angel. I wept buckets. So that’s my number one. 90210… ah, great memories there… And Moulin Rouge. LOVE that movie. My favourite movie angsty love moment? Hmm… I think The Way We Were is still the big one in my heart. When she reaches out to push his hair to one side… I melt. Sigh.

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