In Review

1. Taming of the Shrew
The dancing was lovely. The costumes were beautiful. But man, does the story fill me with rage. It didn’t help that the ballerina playing Katherina looked 12, so in addition to it being a story about destroying a woman’s spirit, it was reminiscent of Law & Order SVU. Drunken ass kidnaps 12-year-old and starves her into loving him. I’ve seen that episode more than once.

2. Anti-war rally
Excellent turnout, sunny day, good to state one’s opinion. New buttons on my bag.

3. St. Patrick’s Day
The gang: S’rain, Michelle, Sarah, Forbes, Ola, Nadine for a minute, and S. Markle for an hour.
The booze: 5 Bloody Caesars. 5 extra shots. 6 vodkas. 8 Bailey’s. 2 whiskeys. 8 Long Islands. 4 Tom Collins (called for the day “Michael Collins”). 12 half-pints of Guinness. 4 Amsterdam Blondes. 3 pints Guinness. 1 Moosehead. A few free rounds of Jägermeister.
Of note: No one barfed. We wrote a lovely song called “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” and wore sparkly green top hats.

4. Battlestar Galactica
Forbes & I are nearly caught up. Just one more episode (well, plus tonight’s). Which means we saw the very exciting “Maelstrom.” I adore this show.

5. Premonition
Erino and I should have known better. What a suckfest. It felt about 3 hours long (and was only 90 minutes). There was one kinda spooky creepy part … that’s it. About 3/4 in, out of nowhere, the movie hits ya on the head with its traditional Christian values. Wha? And Sandra B. wears about 90 different pajama outfits. And there’s a hugging montage. Not even joking. However, on the plus side, the fountain pop at the Market Square Rainbow Cinema was top notch.

I think I’ll watch The 39 Steps now so I can remember what good thrillers are like. Peace and carrots.

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