cheese with bread

things i want you to know:

1. my frozen pizza will be ready just in time for Jeopardy

2. i (semi-perma) dyed my hair to cover GREYs and it barely changed the colour (no one noticed minus Forbes) and the GREY hair is still there. All full of its maturosity.

3. the Toronto Public Library continues to be the bestest. Currently I have two books and three CDs on loan. And soon they will lend me Marple mysteries since I cannot rely on CBC to air Marples every Sunday night as they should. Instead they are running crapeaux movies I do not want to see (e.g., bigGreekwedding).

4. tomorrow is step 1 in discovering the cause of my Brain Cloud.

5. my allergies are a sign of a healthy immune system says Why We Get Sick and so I am trying to be thankful for them. But they are making that very difficult with their extremely bad behaviour.

6. i missed four fun things last week.

7. i get to get cracking on Finding Lost: Season 3 so soon and I am very jazzed and just might rewatch all of season 3.

Jeopardy time!

One thought on “cheese with bread

  1. Just so you know, I didn’t notice the dye, nor have I noticed any grey. You are but a young spring chicken to me, my darlin.Wow, my allergies went nuts last weekend and have not let up. I thought it was the cottonwood tree on my dad’s lawn that was making me sneeze uncontrollably, but back in town, it’s still bad. UGH. Guess it means I’m healthy… who knew. I hope FL-S3 lives up to your expectations! :)

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