get thee to a nunnery

i don’t often blog about my love life here at the Tribune and I’ll tell ya why: i do not have one. And I’ll tell ya why I don’t: cause for a smart girl, i can be pretty slow on the uptake. this past weekend at MoCCA, there was a seriously good candidate (this assessment was made in the minute of initial conversation chitchat). erin and i discussed his excellent qualities upon his departure and awaited his return (he was going to look around the show then come back & buy Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book. see? gold!). Then he returned. Once again he demonstrated that he possessed many qualities I admire.

Long time readers may recall this list:


1) humour
2) smarts
3) attractiveness (hard to nail down physical specifics here)
4) Spike
5) a personal style (whatever that may be)
6) confidence (that should be #1)
7) similar thoughts on the world & how it should be run

MoCCA Guy got gold stars on 6 of 7. The only other book he bought was about the war in Iraq and wished there was more serious, political stuff instead of so much tortured navel-gazing. This was love. Then Erin & I signed his copy of Heavy Metal (see? is this flirting? i think it might have been.) and he wished us well. then he was gone.

i had about 900 opportunities to say something (anything!) that would continue contact. and i totally dropped the ball. nay, lost the ball. so now i can only hope that he decides to google me and then emails me. i am checking my junk mail box more carefully these days. erin and i named him joel/josh and today i got an email from Joel Fox! (which is a very apropos name for him) but alas alack it was truly junk mail and not 100% tru luv mail.

the lesson: i am dim. also if you google “joel fox” you will be led here: finding out about a robot talent show is worth the cost of a broken heart.

One thought on “get thee to a nunnery

  1. You should have signed your email address. Or even more risque, your phone number. But hindsight is always 20/20. Sigh. (For you and me.)

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