cinema calhoun

hello there readers.

1. i saw hairy potts 5: the movie. it was a bit slowish but is entirely worth seeing: the scene at the Ministry of Magic rules.

2. i just saw John McClane Blows Shit Up, Part 4: Live Free and Blow Shit Up. A lot of stuff was blown up. And crushed. And set on fire. And shot. And then they did that a bunch more times for two hours. The “I’m a Mac” kid was super cute but used P.C.s the whole movie and may be outta that commercial gig.

3. weeks ago, i saw La Vie En Rose, which is very different from the above two films. It’s rather sad and meandering but I quite loved it. Beautifully shot. There is a boxing scene that Erin and I agreed could have only been shot by someone not from the school of hollywood. And of course, you get to listen to Edith Piaf’s music for two hours. Which, for me, is brills.

4. i know it will be absolute trash but i am going to see that lindsaw logan picture: I know who killed me (last summer). review tk.

in other news, i am tired. and cannot understand why the buffalo bills traded daryle lamonica back in their afl days. a clear error in judgement that even an uninterested party such as me could see and exclaim aloud, whilst alone and reading, what the frak?

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