mind the gap: some randoms pour vous

i like salty snacks and pickled things and wonder why i’m always thirsty.

every morning this week i missed a streetcar by mere seconds.

i am reading A Week of This written by a very smrt and funny man and one day soon you’ll get to too.

cold veggie dogs + mustard = not as gross as it sounds.

ordering things from the internet means excellent packages arrive at your home and you get to look at the excellent contents even if you will be giving them away shortly. mail is the best. it’s also a relief to know that things (in my vair limited experience) look as good at home as they do on etsy.

i had the pleasure of chatting with a guy from Dark Horse (they of the Buffy Season 8 comic) at the cocktail party post-sales conference the other night. guess how cool that was. (correct.)

in very few minutes (i should really get out the door now christ almighty), i am
going here and will also see this one in addition to a bevy of other brill ladies who are blogless and thus linkless. sarah d., it’s time. in fact overdue.

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