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Category: Books
Haven’t read a word of Atwood.
Tried Chabon’s Yiddish Police book and couldn’t do it.
My reading lately seems all workish.
Oh that is not true: I read a teenager novel called Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.

Category: TV
Guys, I really like watching TV.

Lately I’ve become a pusher for Friday Night Lights. I don’t want to exaggerate and say “every episode” but pretty nearly every episode makes me cry. Last night’s Matt and Smash plotlines made me cry. (Even while a mouse was being caught in a mousetrap and I could hear it fighting for its little life, I blocked that horrifying noise out and concentrated on my stories. And guess what? The mouse escaped!)

Lost returned this week. I’m really digging the flashforwards and the ambiguity about the right thing to do with the “rescuers” coming. (I think I’d go with Locke. And not just cause that’s who Sawyer went with. I’ve moved on to Riggins now.) Everything you need to know about Lost is here.

Category: Miscellanea
Guys, cereal is really a good thing to have for breakfast.

Also there are some good things over on my tumblr. Like the Sleeve Heads, those make me howl with the laughter. (In t’internet talk, ROFL?) Also the Feist video for “I Feel it All” is kinda the best video ever made?

K, time to go to brunch with N. But also keep in mind: tomorrow i get to see the SPICE GIRLS.

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