"I’m Chuck Bass"

how much do i love gossip girl? a lot is the answer.

next week is the season finale and the lead up has been brillo von der woodsen.

SO last week, serena ended the ep all teary-eyed with her bestie Blair, finally admitting her big secret, “i killed someone.” k, i don’t know what they teach the girls at constance, but they need to explain the difference between killing someone and being in the same room as someone who is dying.

however. i forgive GG writers this because the rest of the ep was SO good. the reason this show works is because of moments like when frenemies Blair, Chuck, and Nate are all rallying together to save Serena. The mix of overwrought emotion, awesome fashion, troubled pasts, and self-knowing humour in the scene where they pry S’s secret out of her = GOLD. TELEVISION GOLD. Nay, platinum. Or whatever fancy metal rich people like that I don’t even know about because I am poorer than the poorest person on GG (that’s Vanessa who wore the same item of clothing more than ONCE she’s so poor).

Le grand sigh.

I picked up the first GG book from TPL this afternoon and started it on the way home. And no, I’m not finished it yet. It’s kinda better than I remember? And maybe not the same one. I remember a big party and drunkenness (I think S was bombed) and this one starts with a dinner party at B’s. ANYWAY. I will keep you posted.

I’m totally watching American Idol as i’m blogging and the judges are being SO manipulative trying to get Sayesha (sp?) booted off the show. Annoying. More annoying is the woman in the audience who was holding a sign that read, “Cougars 4 David Cook.” Yowza. And I think Paula Abdul is wearing body armour? If i were in charge, the final 2 would be Syesha and David Cook. Goodbye to little David Archipelago. But i am not. I am in charge of the remote control tho. I can make them ALL go away. zap.

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