mo mocca for me me

Shit you guys, tomorrow bright and g’d early, i am going to the aeroport and then getting on a plane and then then then i will be in Hamburger-a-Gogo Land where I will be representin’ ECW at the MoCCA Art Festival.

It’s pretty hard work: i have to talk to strangers, look at wickedly cool comics and art, talk to 12-year-olds wearing Simpsons t-shirts, spy on Ryan North (creator of the best thing ever) and hang out with the genius Hilary Price and Dave Coverly. So. I hope you guys enjoy your weekend. I will be working.

ALSO and EXTRA BONUS: E. and T. (not to be confused with E.T.) will also be in NYC and we will no doubt throw down the fun times. Starting with a trip out to Coney Island tomorrow afternoon. The plan is to take pictures. And go to a freak show where we will sing Britney’s “Freak Show.” Encooorre.

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