teaches of peaches

i cannot stop saying shiz. my mom said “sizzle this shizzle” over the weekend (referring to our steaks going on the hibachi).

gossip girl starts on Monday. dig that. here is what i hope happens in season 2: Lily and Rufus get back together, maybe not til the end of the season for more tensiony buildup; Dan realizes he is NOT the most understanding person in the world; Jenny gets a real, not gay-but-also-homophobic boyfriend; Blair gets everything she ever wanted and more; and Serena gets to star in a remake of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, have her own designer perfume, date the biggest rock star in the world, model during Fashion Week, and . . . oh all that happened in the books already. YAWNsauce.

i watched all the bonus features from the season 1 dvds the other night and they are PRETTY GOOD. the fashion one is excellent and i think that i could be best friends with the costume designer Eric Daman. except i would have to increase my style factor by the power of 97. (that’s a lot.)

the other day when i went grozzery shopping w/ S.D., i somewhat idiotically bought one of those 3-litre baskets of peaches AND one of tomatoes. that is a lot for one girl to eat. especially when she is mostly too lazy to bring lunch from home and sometimes eats dinner out? breakfast right now: 2 peaches. LUCKILY they are flipping delicious. i guess that is one of the bonuses of having a family: you do not have to eat all the peaches and tomatoes yourself.

next DDPP is September 20th.

i have had Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends” in my head for the past week. Guess what. That is just fine because I love that song. In factual factosity, I am listening to it right this second. I am also drinking coffee from a tiny little coffee cup that was stolen by someone at some point from the University of Toronto. It has their crest in blue on one side: a dead-looking beaver, some books (open), and a crown on top. (The tree that normally is on top is absent.) Why do I always blog about coffee mugs? Perhaps I have found a new niche for bloggery?

blair and chuck are sad that summer is nearly over. i am not that sad? i like fall and have new boots to wear. i have two pairs of them. for real. it was a happy birthday mistake but now i am the somewhat-bashful owner of two colours of the same pair of boots. oh let me find you a picture. here are the two colours: brown and “cognac.”

Pretty nice, right? they are slouchy. happy birthday to me. no matter how low key i try to be, my birthday is always a two week+ affair. Gary Garrow is right. i am still happily receiving cards and trinkets winging their way to me from my International Besties, those living and travelling abroad.

I guess it’s time to buck up and get down to work. This weekend I will be: (1) proofreading, (2) flipping thru “final” pages just in case mistakes were missed (like the misspelling of an editor’s name…ahem), (3) cleaning, (4) visiting pals I do not see nearly enough, (5) working on my not-so-secret project, (5) eating peaches and tomatoes or getting fed up and throwing them from my fourth floor balcony onto the unsuspecting dog walkers in St. James Park.

i watched 2 old episodes of 90210 the other night and I couldn’t believe how enjoyable it was. I have always loved that show but it is like getting in your Tardis and going back to grade 8, watching that shiz. i used to have a picture of Dylan and Brenda in their prom outfits hanging in my locker. they looked happy but i knew how complicated their relationship truly was. (who remembers how Cheryl Hickey used to say “back to bev hills in a moment”?)

my hopes for the New Nine-Oh are not too high but you can bet your bottom dollar I will be watching on Tuesday night. If they give enough screen time to Brenda and Kelly, I will watch FOREVER. If it’s too much with the new teens and they are not awesomesauce, I will quit like Kelly ditched that cult and those diet pills.

I will choose me.

3 thoughts on “teaches of peaches

  1. I’m counting the hours until GG tonight! And then the latest Project Runway debuts at 10pm. I heart the fall television season!Okay, best thing to do with extra peaches: chop them up with some red onion, a red pepper, a jalepeno (don’t touch the seeds) and some cilantro to make yummy peach salsa! Serve on fish or chicken. It makes every meal better.As for the tomatoes: Chop them up in big chunks and freeze them. Then, when it’s not a million degrees outside, make your own spaghetti sauce. (It’s not hard. I just did it the other day.) OR buy a cucumber, a red onion, some feta and a bottle of Italian dressing and make greek salads. (Add olives if they don’t make you gag.)

  2. ha! i was reading the comment being like, who is this awesomely friendly person? she’s great. …six hours to gossip girl…

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