Spotted: Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou?

“I carried the garment bag.”

good morning Upper East Siders. my full post on this episode — which i thought was beyond excellent — will come later tonight. i just wanted to put down a few of my reactions as i sip my morning mega c vitamin water…

last night’s Gossip Girl was written by Stephanie Savage, genius, and you can tell the difference. It was so tight, with so many echoes of moments from Gossip Girl gone by — Rufus singing “Everytime,” a key scene in Grand Central, Chuck’s penchant for twins, Blair finally being able to say those three words…

And the tone of the episode was a perfect mix of pathos and a touch of signature GG wit, set in the first five minutes with breakfast at the van der Woodsens (formerly Bass) household and then at the Waldorfs (both matriarchs admiring the photo of Bart and the necessity of sending a thank you note to the photo editor — genius). A great episode to end the first half of the season on. I have so much to ruminate on, that I won’t mind waiting til January for the next installment.

Anywaysy, read Daily Intel today and I’ll post more tonight!

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