Spotted: O Chuck Bass, Where Art Thou?

There are about 17 million brilliant moments in this episode, which all together left me heavy-hearted watching our Upper East Siders try so hard to be there for each other and to follow their hearts: Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck; Chuck hurting mourning Eric; Rufus telling Lily that he’ll wait six months, six years…; Jenny offering to make Eleanor’s wedding outfit in order to make amends; Dan thwarted as he tries to make the grand gesture for Serena, but is too late; Blair turning to Cyrus for comfort (and turning Jewish); Derota a bridesmaid at Eleanor’s wedding; Mister Chuck broken and sitting on B’s bed; B waking up alone and with that letter…

RIP Bart Bass?
How did Bart Bass die? Is Bart Bass actually, factually dead? There was an “accident”; that’s about all we know. In the previous ep, we saw him in the limo with his PI, headed over to the Snowflake Ball to confront Lily not just about her new dalliance with her ex-lover but also about why she was in that hospital in France. This week we see the PI is alive and well and selling secrets so he must have got out of the car before the accident. Since Dylan McKay’s father could rise from the dead (he faked his death to escape the FBI? the mob? I’m fuzzy on the details), I’m a wee bit suspicious that we didn’t see the casket or the internment… Of course, if the city of New York is “rocked” by billionaire Bartholomew’s death (as the newspaper headline declared), then let’s accept this as fact . . . for now.

“Was it a boy or a girl?”
These van der Woodsen women sure have their secrets. Let’s hope that Lily’s “love child” secret doesn’t turn out the same way Serena’s “I killed someone” secret did, or we’ll find out in the end that Lily held someone else’s baby once and pretended it was Rufus’s. I think we can safely rule out either Serena or Eric being the love child. The timeline just doesn’t work for Eric. And if it was Serena, then Lily would have watched on as her daughter committed incest and the Dan/Serena love saga would come to a crashing, creepy halt better suited to a V.C. Andrews novel than a CW teen drama. We can also safely rule out the possibility that Lily had an abortion; you don’t need to go away to have one, having one isn’t a pay-obscene-amounts-of-money-to-keep-the-truth-from-coming-out scandal, she wouldn’t know the gender of the fetus, and there’s no chance Rufus Humphrey would have reacted the way he did. Which leaves us with a new member of the Gossip Girl family, perhaps soon to arrive on the Upper East Side (assuming the kid is alive). Welcome, Rufly. (I’ll put my money on it being a boy, with the episode title’s inspiration, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, being a tip off.)

The only good thing to come out of Grandma Ceci meddling in her daughter’s life again is that now poor Eric won’t have to spend Christmas alone. Seriously, Lily? Not only did she fail to mention baby Rufly to his father, she forgets about Eric — the boy who just lost his stepfather, his stepbrother, whose sister is off to South America, and who tried to commit suicide a short year ago. Were we to assume Eric was happily spending Christmas with Ceci, having gin toddies all the livelong day? Poor Eric. At least Jonathan showed up.

“I carried the watermelon garment bag.”
S and E, two fellow Gossip Girl watchers at work, took issue with Serena going to Buenos Aires with Aaron even though she seems to be clearly in love with Dan. Why does she have to be with someone? they wonder. I felt similarly last season when Lily — clearly in love with Rufus but unable to be with him because of her daughter’s eternal love for his son — chose to marry Bart. If you know for sure you’re in love with someone else, don’t marry a guy just to be with someone. And maybe Serena’s learned from her mother? But I think Serena *does* like Aaron, and since (she thinks) she can’t be with Dan, she would rather try to make it work with A than give up on love entirely. Oh. I can finally empathize with Lily’s decision to marry Bart.

Take a Deep Breath. And Hold It.
I have watched this preview about 17 times already. Remember this morning when I was all, “Oh I don’t mind waiting until next year for new Gossip Girl“? Times have changed. Next episode we meet Uncle Jack Bass; Dan and Serena are together at the Humphrey loft for some reason (love reasons??); Blair is at loose ends without Chuck; and Chuck is at looser ends without his father. What’s with the ring box that S is opening? And what is with the dancing girls? Are we back at the Victrola? AH! I cannot wait.

Luckily there is so much to talk about in “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?” that we can keep our minds busy until January 5th. Favorite moments? Best funeral outfit? Did Jenny forget to put on her pants because she was so sad for Eleanor and Eric? Is B a masochist to love a narcissist like C? Was Grandma Ceci really trying to help Lily and Rufus eventually be together or is she sabotaging them again?

*update* a lot of fun times happening over in the world of Twitter!

3 thoughts on “Spotted: O Chuck Bass, Where Art Thou?

  1. Like mother like daughter… Did you not think that Mr. Westwick’s acting was par excellence? Especially when he was being drunken angry Chuck and teary sad Chuck? I have love for Mr. Westwick, and might spend my in-between episode days watching his other oeuvres.

  2. an Ed Westwick tour de force!! i thought he was fantastic. So tortured and raging and destroyed. watch Son of Rambo! it is a wonderful movie, and Ed Westwick basically plays a British version of Chuck Bass.

  3. Well, I personally don’t think that Bart died. I think that it was set up by his PI or something or whatever that guy was called. As for the baby thing..Hmm, I think that it was a boy maybe? I don’t know this is just my thoughts. (:

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