Oh man I am late for work

My roommate doesn’t read my blog (good to know in case I want to reveal anything and not get in trouble!) so on Tuesday night I had the pleasure of telling him: Guess what I’m not watching this week or ever? Privileged or Nine Oh. And with Battlestar Galactica starting up again, and Lost, I think the Season of Forbes has arrived. (He did sit through an episode of Hannah Montana — and laughed once — so don’t think I won’t continue to subject him to what he deems crap telly.)

“Uh oh, is it war?” asks Dorota. In this Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl, the writers remember that these characters go to school and don’t always loiter in the courtyard and hallways. They go INTO the school and to classes. I think the only time we’ve ever seen the girls in class was gym, when B and S had a field hockey throwdown. Other than that? No time in class or with teachers (unless they are in big troubles with Headmistress Queller). The “You’ve Got Yale” promo is here:

And the Gossip Girls are Cover Girls this month, with Blake Lively on Vogue, Leighton Meester on Teen Vogue, and Taylor Momsen on CosmoGirl‘s Prom issue. Poor Leighton; this cover sux. AlltheWine twittered this link to Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick on The Views the other day. If those hosts call the show Gossip GirlS one more time…

ALSO I will have the cover for my book REALLY soon! I love it beaucoup and I hope you guys do too.

** Nikki sent me this link to a story about the Gossip Girl spinoff — rumor is that it’ll be about Lily in the ’80s. ZOMG, potentially awesome and potentially hilarious.

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