90210pinions: Life’s a Drag and Silver’s Bananas

Just the other day, me and a pal were discussing how new 90210 had new characters and plotlines and how we have NO idea what’s going on and it makes me kinda want to tune in again. but I swore off it! ack. luckily Craig is back with his second guest blog, updating me and you and everyone we know about the loves and the mental breakdowns of the Bev Hills kidlets.

The love triangle between Ethan, Annie, and Rhonda is as uninteresting as it ever was, so I won’t spend much time on it. {who the heck is Rhonda? oh man, i am rooting for her.} Suffice to say it’s a rocky relationship. Ethan has been pouting over Annie’s behaviour for a few episodes now, yet he managed to make a decision to tell Rhonda that whatever connection they shared should be ignored as he plans to work things out with Annie. Which is too bad, cause it’s kinda funny to watch Annie get all bitchy and starting cat-fights with Rhonda, but onto the next topic…

Silver has now turned into a sex-crazed exhibitionist, and her personality disorder is as hot as ever: sex in the media room and other public spaces, along with getting a tattoo with Dixon’s name written above her waist.
Silver has developed a new passion for filmmaking!

She decides to make her first feature about her obsessed love of Dixon. She films them having sex in the kitchen of the Peach Pit, while reciting some of her poetry, as voiceover in the film. {Wait, what-what-what? This sounds incredibad and awesome!}

Dixon’s response to Silver’s film is less than favorable, as he storms out of the theater and goes home. Silver follows him home, and crying that she has no idea why he would be mad; her film was only meant to express how much she loves him. When Dixon shouts back at Silver, “You have no boundaries!” it hits me:

We finally have a new Brandon Walsh.

And yeah, if it’s not totally clear by now… Silver is totally insane and breaking down. But like I said, it’s all still very hot.

So now that we have our new Brandon Walsh, where’s our new Dylan McKay?

After 16 episodes of mundane trivial drama, they’ve finally dialed up some danger (or at least excitement) in the show. The former waiter turned student, who’s been the subject of Naomi’s wet dreams (literally). Naomi corners him after school and pleads with him to take her “wherever he’s going.” While still showing disinterest and bitterness, he warns her that it’s definitely not her scene and that it’s going to be dangerous, but takes her anyway. Meet our new wannabe Dylan McKay.

Both are self-proclaimed geniuses in pursuit of alternative education and enlightenment, but let us not forget that the original Dylan McKay was not a big fan of drag racing. We can’t forget back in Season 3, in the episode “The Game is Chicke
n,” where Dylan bravely interrupts Steve’s reckless behaviour playing chicken with a mean roadster, by driving his own car between them as they were driving at each other at top speed.Oh right… I’m supposed to be writing about the new 90210. {oh how I miss Dylan McKay and his beautiful old school Porsche.} I suppose I’m not doing my job properly if I keep going back to talking about how great the old one was. But I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t going to put this episode on the second I’m done writing this blog. C’mon, in the old 90210 they were wearing helmets in that drag racing scene, that’s pretty endearing!

Wait, what am I saying?… Even though Liam may have “edge,” before I acknowledge him as the new Dylan McKay, the writers need to make him less of a dick. Dylan wouldn’t endanger any friends of his for mindless thrill-seeking.
The episode ends with a complete meltdown for Silver. She blames Teacher Ryan for Dixon’s response to her film and also for Dixon telling Silver to stay away from him. So she breaks into Ryan’s home, breaks a bunch of stuff, and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t make it all right.


2 thoughts on “90210pinions: Life’s a Drag and Silver’s Bananas

  1. The Silver/Dixon storyline is awesome! I love how Silver is getting crazier by the minute. I’ve got a clip of all the SIlver/Dixon scenes from last week’s episode on my blog, in case you want to rehash it before tonight’s episode. It also had a great song, “Magic Show” by Electric Owls that plays right before Silver shows her documentary…check it all out at : http://modestcomplexity.blogspot.com.But anyway, I also read on another blog that Ethan is supposed to fall for Silver soon and that this storyline might be part of him getting written off? Anybody else know anything about this?

  2. WOW! oh my god. I just watched the clip on your blog and her film is mental and so first-year film student.

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