the final countdown

My book is written! And it goes to the printer this week! I sorta cannot believe it? It will be very cool to hold it in my hands. If I have the strength to hold it. It was supposed to be a 240 page book, sized the same as Cecily von Ziegesar’s Gossip Girl books. But then somebody (me) kept typing and typing and typing and now it’s 360 pages and a little bit bigger in trim size. Whoopsy! It’s not my fault that there’s just so much crammed into each episode of Gossip Girl, right?

so the very last things to do are:

get an author photo…
Normally this would’ve been done months ago, but I needed the time to practice smiling with my eyes and being ugly-pretty, not pretty-pretty or ugly-ugly. (Must make Tyra proud.) In the meantime, I’ve been using this photo. And no, that’s not a fabulous Valentino headband I’m wearing, but a ribbon from a Christmas present. Someone told me I look like I’m 4 years old in this pic (“but in the best way”). So today I’m getting a proper photo taken with the genius Lee Weston! I will try to follow the guidelines outlined here in 10 Ways to Take a Bad Author Photo (it gets funnier as you read thru it). Wish me luck! I am feeling a bit nervy about the whole thing.

Proofread the cover!
Just yesterday we got the “best proof” of the cover — a high resolution output of what the cover should actually look like when it prints. So we check the text, and make sure nothing fell off the cover (sometimes a layer hides behind another and an author’s name disappears. if it goes to print like that, it’s what we call a “disaster”), and then we revel in its glory. Or, well, that’s what I do for this one! I love the colors and the skyline. The cover designer is Dave Gee, who’s done some amazing covers for ECW and other publishing houses. Sometimes he blogs about them! And when he sent this mock-up to my editor he signed his email “Dave (OM)G.” So ya. He’s the best.
Spotted: Omfg! It's the proof of my book cover! on Twitpic

Dance Break!

(“Good Girls Go Bad,” featuring our Leighton Meester)

write some stinkin captions
Who knew that the one thing I would have the most trouble with would be captions? i have about 5 left to write — and seriously should be doing those now and not blogging. Especially since the typesetter/designer Melissa (who’s waiting for them) and Jen the Editrix will know I’m playing on the internets instead. Oops. (Promise to have ’em done by 9?) If/when I ever write another book, I am going to think about captions a little earlier, before I’m completely and utterly burnt out. Actually let’s blame this on Melissa — she added in dummy captions and they are just so charming that I don’t want to replace them!

happy canada day!

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