Erin’s Round-Up – Inaugural Edition

i have a friend named Erin — actually I have multiple friends named Erin, but this one in particular doesn’t have a blog or twitter, but finds a lot of excellent, absurd things on the Internets and in real life, and takes lovely photographs, and is otherwise wondrous. So I’ve decided to compile her genius and repurpose it for my OWN blog. (How does that sound, Erin?) Here is the first edition of what will hopefully be semi-regular posts of the stuff I’ve pilfered from her emails to me.

Time to Get Excited!!

A musical theatre version of the The Notebook is in the works!!

Two Fun Facts and One Sad Shortcoming from sTori Telling, the 5 hour and 20 minute AUDIOBOOK version, read by Tori Spelling
1. Her parents were CRAZY. They would buy and plant fake seashells at the beach so she’d find beautiful ones instead of the regular ones.
2. Did you know that Luke Perry used to call Tori Spelling “camel” because of the length of her eyelashes?
3. Sadly, Troop Beverly Hills was given no more than ONE SENTENCE. Devastating! I was really hoping for a first hand account of working with Shelley Long.

An Actual Post on the IMdB Message Board for Abigail Breslin

she’s a great young talent; I just hope she doesn’t fall into the child actor thinking; “well, hollywood is unpredictable so better go to college for something to fall back on…” College is a waste of time! she’s got a great career ahead of her! I’d hate to see her lost for four years, that’s how people forget about you

To celebrate the first “Erin’s Round-Up” — let us eat cake!

2 thoughts on “Erin’s Round-Up – Inaugural Edition

  1. I just want to thumbs up this one because I don't have anything clever to say and it made me chuckle!

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