Spotted: The Lost Boy

How glad am I that the secret society Blair wanted to join turned out to be an elaborate Georgina Sparks ruse? And not something as misdirected as Chuck’s Eyes Wide Shut plot line last season. Thank the Gossip Gods.
Just to keep things straight: G tricked Blair and Chuck into bidding for the same photograph in an effort (to drive B bananas); B and C tricked S into thinking Carter was a washed-up philanderer (for her own good); Georgina tricked Dan into thinking she wasn’t evil (cause she has totes loved him since she was Sarah); Scott tricked Rufus and family into thinking he was the brother of Rufly love child and not the actual love child himself, and also convinced Truth Is My Religion Vanessa into keeping a big-ass secret from her pseudo family. Which Georgina overheard. Bree has some big secret with Carter. And we finally find out what happened That Night In Santorini! Mr. van der Woodsen was going to get remarried, and Serena and Carter were stealing boats. Awesome.
And Jenny? She was back. She had, like, one line. And she ate a blueberry. Poor TayMom.
Was it just me or was Gossip Girl’s narration kinda off this episode? Her auction analogies were weak, and they just went on and on like an auctioneer calling bid after bid . . . (sorry.)
What I did like were all the millions of hilarious moments & one liners:
  • Serena & Vanessa, in unison, to Dan: “Please tell me it was Blair not Georgina”/”Georgina not Blair”
  • Carter’s love for white fluffy robes
  • B describing Georgina as a “nympho with a sock fetish”
  • this exchange between Chuck and Blair: “I came to apologize.” “So apologize.” “That was it.”
  • On an otherwise Dorota-less episode, Chuck’s line nearly made up for it: “Dorota’s counterintelligence isn’t what it used to be.”
  • Serena’s sassy little hip move/look when Chuck and Blair realize she’s bought the Patrick McMullan. When she’s showing someone who’s boss, it’s effing entertaining. More Queen S please!
  • Georgina’s desktop background: OMJC. Her and Dan at last week’s roof party. Hilarious. 
Usually my favorite outfits go to B, but I adored Serena’s bedazzled vest (a.k.a. Matthew Williamson’s antique beaded vest) in the last scene. And while B’s dress at Sotheby’s was beyond the thunderdome beauteous, her braids were too tight and severe for me. Perfect for B when she’s all wound up, pissed off, and in the Bassian desert, but not her best look.

Overall, not a bad episode, not the best episode ever. I hope we see a little less of Scott next week. There’s just nothing interesting about that guy: he’s a little creepy, sure, but he’s sooo boring.
And Chuck putting all his money into buying that hotel? Hope that works out for him. A poverty-stricken Chuck Bass is not a plot line I’d like to explore.
Next week: Tyra! Hilary Duff!

4 thoughts on “Spotted: The Lost Boy

  1. Carter! Swoon!

    I like the back and forth with Georgina, but please make Scott go away!!!!!!

    And I love how buddy buddy Dan and Serena are this year. I'm okay with them as friends – but I'll still watch The Stepfather.

  2. Great recap! All of the lines you mentioned were my faves too, as well as Blair just yelling, "Ew! Ew! Ew!" when she caught Georgina and Dan together. That was awesome.

    This was a fun episode, but I agree, not one of the best. I'm intrigued by Chuck's new purchase, and his zinger to the guy about his lease not getting renewed. Burn!!

  3. Definitely seeing the Stepfather!

    Blair's "ew, ew, ew" were hilarious. The one other thing I forgot to mention: I love how Blair put a glove on to touch the doorknob of her own dorm room. And Chuck's "… she stole my shoes?"

  4. Hey Calhoun! Great recaps – going through them one by one. Just caught up with all the GG episodes of Season 3 in the last couple of days here, and wowsers, have I missed out!

    A. Blair and Chuck have my heart.
    B. I am totally starting to dig Carter Baisen (sp?) – even his fish mouth is looking good to me.
    C. Rufus is totally emasculated and totally useless in this season – where did the rocker rebel in him go?
    D. What is up with accessory recycling? Georgina wears this Navajo looking necklace, which Serena then wears a few episodes later, only it’s slightly altered with a leather thong. Then Lilly wears these ugly plastic turquoise earrings to her wedding, the MATCHING necklace of which Vanessa wears on her big speech day. Cheap.
    E. Serena + shoulder pads channeling Lady Gaga, except she does musical theatre, and Serena just looks daft.
    F. Hellooooo Jasmine!

    Okay, now I am going to read the rest. Toodles and love to you!

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