Gossip Girl Gets Fierce

In honour of tomorrow’s Gossip Girl Goes Hollywood episode — guest stars Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks make their debuts in “Dan de Fleurette” — let’s revisit some highlights of H.Duff’s and TyTy’s careers:
Hilary’s “Reach Out,” a remake of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus,” was both sacrilegious and awesome. It’s the only song of hers I’ve ever properly liked and the video? A declaration that she’s no longer Lizzie McGuire.
Of course, if I’m at karaoke, the Duff song I’m signing up is “So Yesterday.” (I’m just a bird that’s already flown away!)
Remember when Tyra was in John Singleton’s Higher Learning? Girl can act, even if her performances on America’s Next Top Model go so far over the top that the very fabric of the universe is altered. Here’s hoping she can rein it in and recollect how to act on non-modeling TV shows. Like the good old days when she was Jackie on Fresh Prince! The last four seconds of this clip are genius:
Both Tyra and Hilary play star actresses on Gossip Girl (Ursula Nyquist and Olivia Burke) whose film Fleur — check the website — brings the Gossip Gang together for some Hollywood glitz. And it looks like Dan Humphrey is totes done hooking up with Georgina! After the jump, three preview clips of tomorrow’s ep and TyTy talks about working with “Miss Serena”!

Chuck and Jenny talk about the Queendom of Constance (and C makes a Great Gatsby reference!)

Serena has a job? And Tyra’s hair is out.of.control.
Dan shares his knowledge with Olivia over coffee
And Tyra talks about her character and her love for Gossip Girl!
I love Tyra. You know on your Twitter profile how you can list your location? Hers is FIERCELAND. I am soooo changing mine.

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