purple carrotIn attendance: Mum, Da, Sissy, Bruder, and Grandma

On the table: roast turkey; roast duck (only one taste for me); gravy; cranberry sauce (my favourite thing to make); baked sweet potatoes; roasted heirloom carrots — this means some of them were dark purple! — along with roasted garlic cloves for those (my sister) who love such things; shredded beets flavoured w/ horseradish, mustard & cream (a new variation on a family staple; so so delicious); and mushrooms stuffed with ricotta & sundry deliciousness. Also red wine a plenty. For dessert: a store-bought pumpkin pie and a homemade plum pie, vanilla ice cream and whipping cream. Plus these little crunchy chocolate things that were a delight. (why didn’t i bring some of those home with me?)

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