Spotted: The Grandfather – Part II

It’s the annual Blair v. Serena battle! In season 1, there was the field hockey throwdown in “Poison Ivy” and in season 2, Blair and Serena came to blows in “New Haven Can Wait.” (Remember when S yanked B’s hairband off?) And joining this prestigious group: Blair calling Serena a prostitute and Serena dunking Blair’s face into the cake!

To begin, let’s address the worst part of this episode. The disaster of Serena’s outfit in the opening scenes — a tie-dye sagging fabric flop attached to a too-short, too-tight mini dress with a silver sparkle sweater? No. Just don’t do that. Her van der Bilt dress (Vena Cava Synthesizer dress with Jimmy Choos) almost makes up for the earlier disaster.

Was this episode extra chock-a-block full of pop culture references? My fave was definitely Blair’s comparison of Patrick’s drunkeness to Paula Abdul during Hollywood Week.

Other favorite lines & moments!

  • The return of the Chuck Bass Bow-Tie!
  • Was the Gus van Sant/Patrick going method comment a veiled dig at Taylor Momsen (who was in GvS’s Paranoid Park)?
  • Blair: “I’m not friends with staff” and her reply to the girl who suggested she could go to the vdB party with Vanessa: “I have never heard that name before in my life.”
  • Jenny with almost no make-up on! And fully clothed! And so distraught for being a mega-bitch to Eric+Jonathan that she has swine flu and/or sars. Does that make anything better, Jenny-Haters?
  • In hindsight, Blair’s recap of the conversations she had with the senators and Brandice is hilarious. “They were really happy to meet me. . . . They even asked if we were sisters!”
  • Rufus on D abandoning a Scrabble game: “That is so not the Humphrey way.” (Lily looks like she is ready to kill herself after playing five hours of board games. That is so not the van der Woodsen way.)
  • S playing at call girl (with a little accent thrown in for good measure): “You wanna go upstairs and see if two blondes make a right?” ::shudder::
  • Anyone have a massive Beverly Hills, 90210 flashback when Blair said to Serena, “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck”?
  • Two unexpected things: (1) H.Duff’s plaid shirt/jacket thing is kinda totally righteous. (2) The actor playing Patrick Roberts is way hotter than my first impression last episode. (Nothing like peeing into a plant to make my heart flutter!)
  • Chuck is getting all the brilliant speeches this season: chastising Serena about not being able to read the Waldorf Subtext after 18 years of friendship.
  • A classic Blair “Ew” when Brandice confirms she really is a call girl. (Also: “Sorry but I’m new to the Big Apple.” “And rotten. To the core.”)
  • “To be honest, my dear, I never spent much time thinking about you.” — Gramps van der Bilt zings the Evil Maureen
  • Could there be anything more perfect than wearing a hotel robe and spooning with Chuck Bass? Oh, and also you’re Blair Waldorf.
  • Only on Gossip Girl would a just-elected-in-the-face-of-scandal Congressman immediately have a few martinis with a hot 19-year-old girl.

Even though this is the umpteenth friendship breakup, Serena and Blair’s fights always get to me. Serena isn’t B’s #1 anymore. And B only has Chuck. Sadness!

Let’s be honest: this was not the best Gossip Girl episode of all time. Any shining moments I’ve forgotten? (Next week! 1, 2, 3-some.)

One thought on “Spotted: The Grandfather – Part II

  1. It was just eh for me. Serena’s “braided” ponytail drove me nuts. Chuck is waaay to sensible and settled. Did love Jenny with no makeup on though – she’s a beaut. So what, Trip and Serena now?? How can she forget about Carter? I WOULD NEVER.

    Mostly I’m sad because this is my last Gossip Girl in real time! It’s been fun, but I’ll just have to keep up with you and DailyIntel. I think I’ll rewatch Rufus Getting Married…

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