Spotted: They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They

GOSSIP GIRLEpic! Everything I like about Gossip Girl was in this episode: illicit hookups, snappy one liners, bow ties, beauteous gowns, and friendshippy times with S and B.

This episode was jam-packed with goodness: the Blair/Serena make-up was sweet as pie; Jonathan breaking up with Eric was so sad; Jenny going down and then using Nate to debut; the Plasticines; and a letter from DOCTOR van der Woodsen! So glad the threesome was Dan, Olivia, and Vanessa. Seeing D and V finally kissing? Worth the wait.

Gossip Girl’s narration still lacked the zip of previous seasons — we don’t need three Dirty Dancing references in one sentence, thanks!– but otherwise this episode felt like the good old times. Sigh. Gossip Girl, je t’aime.

Watch Leighton Meester’s video here!

5 thoughts on “Spotted: They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They

  1. Ick ick ick to Vanessa, Olivia and Dan. Also: Ew. I was all set for some Nate and Chuck action. Le disappointment. (OK, I know that’s unrealistic, but realllllly.)

  2. I loved it. Sad that it took nearly nine (9) episodes for GG to return to its greatness. I loved the Olivia-Danessa Britney Spears “3” some, too. Hopefully, the writers are back on track.

  3. Agreed! I think this threesome plot works because it’s the first relationship we’ve had this season where we care about what’s at stake — or that there’s something major at stake at all. I love Carter, but we didn’t see him and S fall in love. But with D and V, they’ve been friends *forever* and the threesome changes their relationship. three cheers for Brooklyn drama!

  4. Hey Crissy,

    I’ve noticed that GG is following the foot steps of another once-great drama, “THE O.C.” Both (GG & OC) first seasons were awesome and original. Their second seasons became a little crowded with guest stars followed by their third seasons being boring and drawn out.

    Now The O.C. ended with its fourth season being just as good as season one. My point: Do you think GG will end with Season 4 and the writers (and Josh Schwartz) finally coming on board to bring the series back to greatness or do you think it will stay on for a couple more seasons??

    Things that make you go hmmm…

  5. Excellent question, @foreverromey! I’ve been talking with other TV enthusiasts about other shows that are kinda stalling in season 3 (Mad Men, Californication)….perhaps worth a full-on post!

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