Vampire Diaries Marathon: “Pilot” & “The Night of the Comet”

I love a TV marathon! Last night the CW aired the first 2 of 10 Vampire Diaries episodes: “Pilot” and “The Night of the Comet.” (yup, working to reduce the 24-hour delay between the eps airing and my post…)

Let me just say off the top that, much like Being Erica‘s success being so reliant on the awesomeness and watchability of Erin Karpluk in the lead role, The Vampire Diaries works because Nina Dobrev is just the perfect Elena. She’s moody but not too mopey, she’s coy and playful without being overdone, she’s tough…yet vulnerable. (And it doesn’t always work. Remember how awkward the first season of 90210 was?) Also: hot shirtless vampires makes for good television.

“Pilot”: When I first watched this episode, it made me want to re-watch the Scream trilogy and Dawson’s Creek simultaneously. It’s sad and funny and effing scary as all get out. And just this side of corny — the vampire tricks that Damon busts out play a little bit cheesy (Fog, I am looking at you) but the self-awareness, in acknowledging the horror-movie tradition of it all, makes it all A-OK. The effect that totally works for me is the vamp face — super creepy with those veins and blood-thirsty eyes. The Stefan/Elena scenes and the Stefan/Damon scenes are genius, but what stood out on the rewatch was that one conversation between Bonnie and Caroline at the Grill after the party, where Caroline is comparing herself to the always-perfect Elena and Bonnie says it’s not a competition. The look on Caroline’s face and her “ya, it is” with the Bat for Lashes song in the background was just perfect. Didn’t take long to feel like you know the bestie characters. Shirtless vampire? Check: Stefan.

“The Night of the Comet”: I love how Stefan and Damon may not get along that well, but they do love to wear matchy-matchy outfits. Sometimes it’s hard to think straight when both are on-screen in their leather jackets, getting their furrowed brows on. The stuff with Vicky in the hospital dreaming of being attacked by Damon freaked me the frak out. That poor girl is much abused. (Did Stefan really need to throw her to the ground when he was resisting his need to feed?) Loved the contrast between Elena and Stefan’s perfect first-kiss moment and Caroline and Damon getting hot and heavy . . . and bitey. Shirtless vampire? Check: Stefan and a teeny bit of Damon.

This trailer for the new episodes in January makes me very happy! “Why do I look like her, Stefan?” (That’s for me to know and you to dot-dot-dot)

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