I Heart the Slayer

I’ve pressed pause on my Vampire Diaries marathon. Today I jumped vamp shows to re-watch some Buffy the Vampire Slayer with an out-of-town pal who loves the Buffster as much as I do. (It’s kind of a non-holiday tradition.) It was tough picking which episodes to watch (7 seasons of glory! well, minus “Doublemeat Palace”) but with the aid of Nikki Stafford’s choices, we settled on “Surprise” (Buffy’s 17th bday goes bad, then really really good, then ultra bad), “Innocence” (the fallout from the really bad, aka Angelus), and the season 2 two-part finale, “Becoming Parts 1 & 2.” It’s a testament to how awesome the show is that both T. and I fell right back into the Buffy/Angel love story — not a moment needed to be so into them. (And I am a pretty dedicated Spuffy.) The end of season 2 was soooo sad that we wrapped up our marathon on the lighter side with “Something Blue.” Buffy and Spike engaged is comedy gold. As is Giles and his Kiss the Librarian mug. Adore them.

If for some reason you never watched Buffy, please consider adding the Chosen Collection to your Chrimbo list. You will not regret it. Though you will cringe at the late ’90s fashion.

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