Celebrate the Return of Gossip Girl, Plus Win a Copy of Spotted!

Twelve more days until we get brand spankin’ new Gossip Girl — the episode formerly known as “Jenny, Full of Grace” is now “The Hurt Locket” — and what better way to watch the spring premiere than with a themed party!

For the premiere of season 3 in September, I was at my very own book launch, hosted by ECW Press, my kick-ass publisher. It was a party complete with Gossip Girl–inspired outfits, hairbands, games, prizes, and Jenny (cup)cakes. (some pics here at Torontoist.)

In case you want to throw your very own Gossip Girl party on March 8th, here are the details on those festivities. Feel free to crib the games and prize packs.

The Games:
First, there was the Qualifying Round of Trivia printed & distributed to willing guests:
Answer these easy-peasy questions correctly to move on to the Lightning Round

1. In the pilot, Blair says, “You’re kind of not invited” to ____________.
2. The boys went to high school at ____________ and the girls went to ____________.
3. “And who am I? That’s ___________________________________.”
4. What did Gossip Girl call Dan in the season 2 finale? __________________
5. In season 2, Eric van der Woodsen is dating _____________.

And for the more casual viewer, we played The Dean’s Question:
Remember when Serena stole Blair’s answer to the Dean’s question at the Yale party, but then Blair changed Serena’s answer to the dude she “killed”? And they scrapped? Of course you remember. Our turn to play!

Who would you most like to have dinner with — living or dead, from the Gossip Girl universe — and why?

Those clever kids who passed the Qualifying Round made it to the Lightning Round of GG Trivia…
1. Name two of Lily’s husbands.
2. Blair frequently has dreams inspired by Audrey Hepburn movies. Name two of those films.
3. Don’t Forget the Lyrics: “Everytime” by Lincoln Hawk Edition
“Every time you walk away, or run away,
You _____________________________”
4. Alison Humphrey’s boyfriend’s name is ______________.
5. What hotel were Georgina and Serena at when Pete Fairman died?
6. When Georgina and Serena get drunk, they pretend to be Svetlana and __________.
7. Name the three real-life couples among the Gossip Girl cast
8. Grandma CeCe doesn’t like her _______ to get lonely.
9. (a) What opera does Rufus think he’s going to with Lily? (And enlists the help of Eric to study for.)
(b) What opera do they actually see?
10. Each season there has been at least one musical performance. Name an act for each season.
11. Who designed Blair’s prom dress?
12. The name of Gossip Girl’s costume designer is:

In fact, since I am feeling the spirit of generosity, the first person to email me (crissy [at] crissycalhoun [dot] com) with the correct answers to all these trivia questions (qualifying + lightning, naturally) will WIN a signed copy of Spotted: Your One and Only Unofficial Guide to Gossip Girl by yours truly. What is better than that! Nothing! Include your address so I know where to send the book!

And I’ll give away another copy for the bestest answer to the Dean’s Question! (for both contests, I’ll accept answers that include season 3 so far, despite the fact that these questions pre-dated this season. All Gossip Girl episodes are game!)

Onto the Themed Prize Packs I gave out at my book launch! Prizes were awarded to the winner of the trivia contest, my favorite answer for the Dean’s Question, and for the most Gossipy Outfit of the night.
The Dan Humphrey Prize Pack: the latest issue of D’s fave magazine, The New Yorker; Lonely Boy’s annual mix CD (which he normally just makes for Vanessa, so getting this is pretty special…as was pretending to be Dan and making a playlist!); and Jay McInerney’s Bright Lights, Big City — D’s favorite passage is on page 127.
The Blair Waldorf Prize Pack: Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday; hairbands (with bows, of course); and  Indiana by George Sands, B’s favorite writer.
The Jenny Humphrey Prize Pack: black eyeliner to achieve the raccoon-eyed look; the fashion issue of W; a sewing kit; and All About Eve — Edith Head costumes AND the scheming proto-J, Eve Harrington.

Or you could pluck a theme from the show: a sleepover with martinis a la season 1’s “Daredevil,” a sushi and saki party like B’s failed NYU soiree in “The Freshman,” . . . or you could throw together a masked ball or cotillion.

Themed drinks are always welcome — Nairtini, anyone? Perhaps more appetizingly you could make the Empire Hotel’s Jenny’s Tartlet cocktail or one of their other GG character drinks.

If I lived in New York, I’d be heading to SideBAR (120 E 15th St) for their Gossip Girl premiere party hosted with OnLocationTours — games, prizes, themed drinks. Perfect.

Let me know if there are Gossip Girl Returns parties in your town, and I’ll post the info here!

And don’t forget to enter the contest! Even if you don’t win, I’ll send you a little Gossip Girl postcard.


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