Spotted: The Hurt Locket

Welcome back, Gossip Girl! This episode didn’t blow me away with its awesomeness but it was certainly a solid return — Nate and Serena are hot together, Blair was hilarious and sweet, Chuck brooded so well, Damien is more interesting now than he was before the break, and Jenny is fierce.

It was kinda wack how this was a post-Christmas holiday episode. It’s March, people. I guess the season really was supposed to come back in January and then there was a scheduling shuffle after this episode was already in the bag. But I spent the first 15 minutes trying to figure out what the heck month it was.

Also wack (i read a hilarious tweet that used the word “wack” and I am bringing it back into my slang vocabulary): how Rufus is handling this whole Lily and her Ex situation. He’s been so totally submissive in his relationship for the past six months so I understand the strong reaction but completely ignorez-vousing Lily and then barely letting her explain herself before heading downstairs to the co-op lady? Not cool, Rufus. That said, Lily didn’t seem all that vehement about pleading her innocence. Rufly, don’t fall apart on us! Again.

Look how cute Nate and Serena are: her tights match his shirt. Love how Blair instantly knew that Serena had already hooked up with Nate. The make-out in the coat closet scene was great and that genius song was “crystalized” by The XX. I think I like these two together. Serenate!

Chuck’s mom or not Chuck’s mom? That is the question. Certainly looks like she is with that final moment of her holding the other half of the locket, a picture of her and a newborn inside it. I’m happy that Blair dropped her Table Elitaire plans to be with Chuck. Let’s hope we don’t have to hear about any more secret societies at NYU ever again.

Jenny Humphrey, nicely done. She came up such a clever and crafty way to sneak drugs past high security, she managed to be “helpful” to Nate and to mock Damien as his plan fell apart without her, and fixed everything up in the end. She even got in a dig at the French. If only she was using her powers for good instead of drug-dealing evil. Damien charmed me way more in tonight’s episode than he did in his fall episodes. I like where this is going!

I also dug the slow-build on the Dan-Vanessa plot. Not even a glimpse of Vanessa.

What did y’all think? A strong return? Excellent lipstick on Jenny Humphrey? It was sort of so ugly that it got pretty again. Oh man, I am so glad to have our Upper East Siders back. If only my roommate wasn’t watching an episode of 24, I would watch it again right now.

9 thoughts on “Spotted: The Hurt Locket

  1. Tonight’s episode was well worth the wait. Crissy, I know that we are friends on twitter but I need a constant recap via instant messenger. I have two: foreverromey – Yahoo IM or romey527 – Google Talk

    hope to hear from you soon!!!

  2. I loved the Jenny Lipstick and I want to know what shade and brand she was using.. Did u know? Xoxo

  3. Little J is fierce? Are you kidding me? If a drug dealer told me all I needed to do was make a jacket that I WOULDN’T EVEN HAVE TO WEAR, not even carry and I would still get my keep, I don’t think I’d say one GD thing. Actually I would say “Thanks, awesome.” I can’t…I just can’t even word why Little J is an idiot for WANTING to carry mass amounts of drugs around, trying to impress some douchebag named Damien. This plot just reeks of Little J trying to be a badass.

    I have so many bones to pick about this show, but heaven help me I love these people and this show. I would probably watch it no matter how ridiculous it got.

    • @Haley: I agree that Jenny’s acting like a moron — but it’s SUCH a Jenny thing to do. She has to win at everything she tries, so when Damien is the one giving her attention and the thrill of druggie-danger, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to prove to him that he needs her. Didn’t mean to imply that Jenny was acting cool or anything — just like a fiercely determined villain!

  4. I just don’t understand why one would need to check a jacket that is NOT really a jacket! It was more like a shirt, right? Doesn’t one need more than a short-sleeved drug-bedazzled bolero shirt-thing in NY in January? And Serena leaves the party in a stolen jacket that is an ACTUAL jacket! And she *still* looks cold.

    • that was a very bizarre moment. I said to my roommate (who is so NOT a GG fan), “Why doesn’t she just wear Nate’s coat? Why did she STEAL some lady’s jacket?”

      The reply: “She’s Serena van der Woodsen, that’s why.”

  5. I got a little laugh at the end of the show, when Rufus randomly arrived at the other society lady’s door and she was amazingly dressed in a grey pencil skirt and a gorgeous burgundy silk top with jewels around the neckline.
    If someone knocked at my door out of the blue, they would find me in my polka-dotted loungey pants, a tank top likely stained by chocolate ice cream, no makeup and a Lulu headband.
    Clearly I am not upper east side material!

  6. There were definitely some weird things in this episode. It bothered me that Serena and Rufus both went running to someone else when they felt disappointed by Nate and Lily. Can’t they just deal with their hurt feelings on their own (or with real friends)?

    I also wondered why Serena didn’t just wear Nate’s jacket. Plus, she was wearing a dress underneath the drug jacket. I don’t remember Jenny telling the coat check girl to give that to the French Ambassador’s daughter. And why when that random woman said, “hey, that’s my coat” (or similar — I didn’t go back and re-watch to check the quotation) didn’t anyone try to get it back? Was it obvious to them that Serena had no other clothes on? Is it socially unacceptable to make a scene at these types of events? So strange.

    I still hate Jenny. And I really hate her hair, though I liked it when it was up at the fancy pants party. I really loved what she was wearing there (and the lipstick!).

  7. Coat check scene was kinda hot, but a) was that coat check girl dipping into the drug bolero and missed people having sex in the almost open? b) seriously, what happened to Serena’s dress?

    Really thought Lily could have given that convo with Rufus a bit more energy after all the time she spent trying to have it.

    Excellent casting on possible Chuck Bass’ momma. She did look like she could have produced the wonder that is Ed Westwick.

    And little J, despite her (usual) idiocy, definitely the highlight of this episode. Loved her sass and her savvy manipulation. Did not love her lipstick.

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