Spotted: The Lady Vanished

I hope more people watched Gossip Girl this week than last week! This  was  a classically jam-packed Gossip Girl episode. It didn’t feel like there was a moment wasted — every plot line was interesting, there were major life changing moments, Blair was full of zingers, Rufus was a doofus but so entertaining, and Serena wore a side-boob revealing outfit.

Also, there were toaster waffles.

Blair’s need to compete with nate and serena’s loud kitchen sex was hilarious and just the start of her genius lines this episode:

To Serena: “I’m sorry. Was it awkward?”

To Nate: “Oh god, I miss that. Dating someone who’s a horrible liar. Hand it over, Archibald.”

As she decides whether or not to snoop in Chuck’s phone, Blair says she’s turned a new leaf, a “non meddling leaf from the trust tree.”

Not to be outdone, Chuck reveals that Bart Bass told him that “kids wear suits to kindergarten.”

Why exactly did Jenny feel like it was a good idea to dump drugs on the floor? Because she attends the Serena School of Misguided Gestures. The moment when Rufus turned to Lily and was like, Did you know about this? I was ready to hit him. So glad Lil replied, “No Rufus I did not know about a giant bag of pills.”

Totally dug the Dan and Vanessa “to hook-up or not to hook-up” plot. Even though it meant Dan spent the episode looking awkward in an undershirt. The makeout behind the photo-thingamabob was hot. And I find it believable that Dan and Vanessa would have A+++ sex. (Olivia was totally bringing them down.) The “throw down and see what happens” scene was also an excellent music moment, carrying over into the Rufus/Lily/Jenny fight with Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over.”

I’m not feeling too keen on Elizabeth Fishy Fisher. Even before she gave her heartwarming story about faking her own death, not being in love with Bart Bass, taking money year after year from him, and having no interest in knowing her son — and then has a change of heart in the last scene of the episode. It was like Life Unexpected: Upper East Side. I am not convinced Ms. Fisher is actually Chuck’s mother.

Having the Non-Judging Breakfast Club together again was awesome (Blair: “Serena, sit your ass down.”). Why didn’t Blair remind Serena that tights are not pants? Those electric blue leggings were not pants. And that shirt was not a dress. (But I really love her jacket. And her boots. And she looks fabulous despite the lack of pants.)

So far I am pro–Serena and Nate. They do sexy well, dim-witted well, and they do sweet touching relationship moments brilliantly. Nate telling Serena that he wants to be “that person you can bring anything to. the good and the bad” melted my icy, cold heart. The Serena/father stuff always gets me and her message ending with “I’m done” was no exception.

Most of these temporary boyfriend type characters on Gossip Girl are seriously weak (::coughAaronRose::) but I am digging the Damien and Jenny relationship. It’s terribly destructive but interesting to watch since they’re both totally effed up. Running away AND stealing Lily’s prescription? Yikes, Little J.

I also loved the closing song of the episode: One Republic’s “Secrets”

Any favorite moments I missed? What grade would you give the second episode of the spring return of Gossip Girl? A- or A+++?

One thought on “Spotted: The Lady Vanished

  1. i downloaded that one republic song immediately after the show.

    im enjoying little j’s downward spiral.

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