Spotted: The Unblairable Lightness of Being

Congratulations to Dorota and Vanya! long may you be the happy couple, in your brand new apartment in Queens. (i hope you want to live in Queens…) I love a Gossip Girl wedding. Before the episode I was thinking back on the ones we’ve already had: Lily and Bart, Eleanor and Cyrus, and Lily and Rufus. (Not counting Serena’s fake wedding last season. ugh.) I think Dorota and Vanya’s is my new favorite GG wedding: Dorota looked so beautiful and happy, Eleanor learned to finally appreciate her for all that she brings to the Waldorf home, and it felt like a proper celebration — despite Blair being desperately unhappy.

While the whole Jack Bass Hotel Affair still bugs me and doesn’t quite make sense, the tension that it’s brought to Blair and Chuck is so welcome. Seeing them struggle and hearing Blair say that at least they won’t be lonely in hell — heartbreaking. Just what I like in my Chuck and Blair storylines. Dan befriending Blair felt right; they have the best bickering banter so i hope Vanessa stays wherever she is and these two keep up their not-a-friendship friendship. (But don’t go so far as hooking up. Shudder.)

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. What a little evil cow. When Blair used to do these sorts of manipulative, self-serving things, it was somehow less evil — maybe because her plans never quite worked out. But Jenny is really good at manipulating Nate and Serena. Her targets are just too easily duped. I’m looking forward to Serena catching Jenny and Nate. Which looks like it happens in the next episode. Along with Jenny tagging along with Chuck in his downward spiral. What does that girl get up to? (Or is it all a ruse to lure Nate away from Serena? So he can play the hero again?)

The return of Carter Baizen… Not exactly how I wanted things to go. When Carter left, Serena was in love with him. I wanted even just a little bit of a “things change, my feelings for Nate, yada yada, I’m so sorry Carter I still care about you and your beltless ways” — but nothing. He was a little more smarmy than he used to be, and Serena was giving him the brush off. If she said she loves him but doesn’t mean it, then what I am to think of her feelings for Nate? Does she really love him? Maybe this is why Jenny feels justified in stealing Nate away.

One more nitpick in an episode I otherwise really, really enjoyed — Cyrus Rose! Eleanor Waldorf! The Waldorf apartment! Chuck making fun of Nate’s mental acuity! — CW, please stop trying to make Bing happen. I’ll forgive you this one since you also threw in a reference to The Vampire Diaries. Eric’s new bi-sexual beau is a fan of TVD as is Dorota. Which means Blair probably watches too. Genius.

No new episode next week but Gossip Girl returns on the 26th with “Dr. Strangeloved.”

6 thoughts on “Spotted: The Unblairable Lightness of Being

  1. yea I Binged it doesn’t really roll off the tongue… or make much sense.

    Can’t wait for this episode to appear online!!

  2. Did you catch the kelzmer band at the wedding (or whatever kind of band it was) playing “I Gotta Feeling”? Brilliant.

  3. After a few so-so episodes, I thought this one was outstanding. Plotline explosions, emotional moments (the mother-daughter between Dorota and Blair!), some solid jokes, and Dorota and Vanya were adorable! But as always the highlight was Chuck and Blair. And as much as I love them, angst becomes them, and a return of the old Chuck Bass is likely to be a wild ride.

    Also v. glad to see Eric have a storyline again, and he and his TVD-lovin’ new crush make an adorable pair.

    Well done, GG. Well done.

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