The Vampire Diaries: Blood Brothers

I know I’m really very late in posting on this episode but I took the last four days to concentrate on the episode guide for Love You to Death, which means my brain has been stuck earlier in the season and my time has been sucked as the threat of my deadline looms.

I love a flashback episode — there’s always lots of dirt on 1864, and seeing the brothers Salvatore as humans is always a treat. That curly hair on Damon. And this was an important moment: how did they become vampires? While Damon drank Katherine’s blood knowingly, he was coerced into becoming a vampire by his brother, the vampire we’ve known as a goody-two-shoes. He “created” Damon by luring the girl to him, taking the first bite, and letting the bloodlust do its work. Frankly, if I were Damon, I may have promised my brother an eternity of misery too.

But we also found out why Damon hates Stefan: because Katherine loved him. There was something about the whispered “I love you, Stefan” in the opening scenes that gave me the feeling that Katherine did love Stefan and loved Stefan over Damon. (That doesn’t bode well for the inevitable return of Katherine in the present day — neither Elena or Damon will like that.)

I didn’t think that Stefan could creep me out more than he did when he licked Kelly Donovan’s blood off his fingers, but seeing him get all fangy over his father’s spilled blood was seriously uncomfortable. Getting eternal life from one half of the team responsible for your mortal life has a certain circularity to it, I guess, but ::shudder::

The Damon/Alaric dynamic duo is just genius — as were the Elena/Damon moments. Him lifting her legs on the couch and putting them down on his lap. The banter on the phone. Any moment those two are in the same room. But the surprise hotness this episode was Anna and Jeremy. Holy smokes. (EW’s Mandi Bierly wrote in her recap of the episode that she had to do an age-check on Jeremy since he looked so good.) And they weren’t just smoking, they were sweet. That goodbye scene? A total heartbreaker.

But now that EVIL John Gilbert (seriously, I hate that man) has murdered Pearl and Harper (damn you, John Gilbert!), what will happen to Anna and Jeremy? Will Jer realize his uncle is awful? Or will he side with his family and a long line of Gilberts who’ve sought to eradicate vampires from Mystic Falls? One of the things I love about this show is one of the same qualities that made Battlestar Galactica so interesting. On that show, sometimes the enemy — the Cylons — were more human than the actual humans. The “enemy” wasn’t always all bad, the “good guys” were sometimes the most horrible monsters. Those same sorts of nuance come into play on Vampire Diaries: as Stefan tried to explain to his father back in “Children of the Damned,” not all vampires are as bad as they’re made out to be.

The main question I have after this episode: did Giuseppe die that night? Stefan tells Damon he was “dying” from his wound, but the whole buried-with-Emily’s-grimoire plot doesn’t quite make sense if he died that very night.

This week: Isobel! Just when Alaric decides to move on, in walks his dead vampire wife. Ain’t that always the way. I am very very very excited to see Isobel the Hellraiser, the “baddest mother in Mystic Falls,” with Alaric, Damon, and Elena.

webclip #1 | webclip #2

As excited as I am about this next ep and the finale, I’m getting that sad, sinking feeling. We only have two more episodes. Then a sunny vampire-free summer.

One thought on “The Vampire Diaries: Blood Brothers

  1. I always thoroughly enjoy your posts. I just have a couple of tidbits to add to perhaps balance the view…
    Let’s not forget that Stefan “coerced” Damon to become a vampire because he was feeling powerful and elated, and wanted to share that feeling with his brother. Also, Stefan felt so guilty about his actions both in 1864 and present day, he was prepared to kill himself. Finally, did you catch that muscle definition as he sat hunched over in his cell? S.

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