Pretty Little Liars: The Jenna Thing

It’s official: I’m a fan of Pretty Little Liars. Just watched the second episode (online at MuchMusic — really HQ video and only one ad during the whole thing) and I wish I didn’t have to wait three days for the next ep.

A few of my favorite things about “The Jenna Thing”:

  • In the grand tradition of The Vampire Diaries, we didn’t have to wait FOREVER to find out what the Jenna Thing is or for Spencer to get caught with her sister’s fiance.
  • The scene of Aria walking in the rain and Mr. Fitz pulling up was such an homage to The Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”: young teacher with the warm and dry car picking up the soaked student. I know I shouldn’t be cheering on the teacher-student action but I love those two together.
  • Love the flashbacks to when Alison was around. So season 1 Veronica Mars.
  • Lucy Hale is hands-down my favorite so far but the rest of the girls are compelling too. Really like Ashley Benson as Hanna, too.
  • Cliffhanger! So is Jenna behind all the “A” texts? How does she know all their secrets? Is she actually blind?

On Tuesday, we meet Aria’s dad’s former (…hopefully former…) mistress and she’s played by Amanda Schull aka Jody Sawyer in Center Stage. Win!

Anyone else watching, and loving, Pretty Little Liars?

One thought on “Pretty Little Liars: The Jenna Thing

  1. Just finished watching it! Definitely cheering on the student/teacher romance in spite of myself. And didn’t realize Aria is Lucy Hale! Thank you! I knew I recognized her, but didn’t know why.

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