I’m VERY excited to announce that from now on my weekly Vampire Diaries episode reaction posts are moving. I’ll be writing a weekly column for — to be posted on Fridays — and the first one’s up already! (It’s a modified and retooled version of what I posted here.)

here’s the dealio from “We’re doing something new for Season 2! Please welcome Crissy Calhoun, friend and contributor and author of Love You To Death: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries, as she kicks off her weekly post-episode column. Crissy won’t be doing play-by-plays of the episode; instead she’s going to ask a lot of questions and, taking a cue from the Episode Guide in Love You To Death, she’ll highlight the ep’s Compelling Moment (stand-out scene), The Rules (new information revealed about the show’s supernatural mythology), Foggy Moments (lingering questions), and look forward to next week’s episode. “

I’ll still be blogging here at the Tribune on other TVD related stuff as well as Gossip Girl and other genius shows and I’ll be sure to post links when each article goes up.

Big thanks to Red and Vee for having me!

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