Memory Lane…

My post on this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Memory Lane, is up at

I love a flashback episode — and Katherine’s outfit here with the parasol — and I’m planning on going back to see how this version of 1864 fits in with what we’ve already seen. There are more pieces to the story — George Lockwood, war hero, Henry, Katherine’s premeditated escape — and it will be curious to see what we don’t know. If Damon is congratulating George on fighting for the South here and we’ve seen him in uniform around this same point (Lost Girls, I think), what made him change his mind and become a conscientious objector (Blood Brothers)? His love for Katherine or something else? Pearl told Damon that Katherine had the guard under her spell and that’s how she escaped — does that fit with Katherine’s revelation in Memory Lane? If Pearl was still alive, oh man, I would have loved to see her take on Katherine for screwing her and the rest of the vampire family over. So much to mull over!

Another thing: how likely do ya think it is that I’ll be able to find that exact dress for Halloween? Best costume ever.

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