rambling in deutschland

Sitting at the ECW booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair and it’s so quiet here in the international hall. The fair runs from Wednesday through to Sunday — the first three days are just for publishing types — agents, publishers, distributors, printers, service providers, ebookers, media, and every conceivable type of business in between that’s somehow related to books — and the weekend is open to the public. Most of the action takes place in the German halls, including some people dressed up as their favorite anime characters. We saw some choice costumes on the S-bahn on our way to the fair. (Along with an English drunk who took to cursing in German and English and smoking on the train.)

As soon as our laptop batteries die, we’ll be abandoning the booth to head out and see a bit of the city — maybe a museum and to Sachsenhausen, a much-ballyhooed area of the city. Perhaps we shall buy some schokolade for our nice friends and co-workers back in Toronto!

I haven’t yet watched this week’s eps of Gossip Girl or The Vampire Diaries, but I have them both DL’d from iTunes and cannot wait for the spare hours to get on that. I doubt I will even understand them as my brain is officially no longer working. We’ve been here since Monday and all those appointments and all that lack of sleep and wacky time zone change and hotel beds can really shake your ability to form coherent sentences or understand simple sentences.

Oooh-er, the handsome coffee cart man is passing by. Hallo, Herr Coffee Kart…. Not that I didn’t already know, but these German men (and women) are on the average quite tall.

My official goal for the day is to take more photos. Of tall German men, or of generally good Frankfurt things, I’m not sure yet.

One thought on “rambling in deutschland

  1. Had I known you were there I might have wanted to show up just to chat with you. I’m German and was twice at the buchmesse before.

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