Gossip Girl: “Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” (ep 408)

Chuck Bass in Blair’s robe? The most beautifully hilarious thing I’ve seen in a long long long time. All the good things from season 1 are back: the robe, Chuck and Blair sneaking around, the Nate and Dan competition for Serena’s affections, the massive takedown with the gang circling their victim, and the Upper East Side taking over otherwise usually good intentioned characters.

While Vanessa’s switch to the Dark Side was a bit over-acted for my liking, the fact that Vanessa had finally had enough and wanted to take down Serena kinda makes sense in Gossip Girl land. It has been three years of being pushed aside for the VDW, who may be one of our heroines but certainly does as she pleases when she pleases and suffers very few consequences. While it’s totally ridiculous, I kind of relish the idea of Juliet, Vanessa, and Little J teaming up with some insane hope of actually destroying the UES Breakfast Clubbers.

Loved, loved, loved all the Chuck and Blair hookups and the comedy and the “mutual loathing and disdain” powered awesomeness. I just hope that there new friendship…with benefits provides as much entertainment as their brief period of lust-filled hatred has. We’ll see if Blair and Chuck as a Couple works the second time around.

So we still don’t know what Juliet’s big bad secret is — we already knew she was poor (her apartment is totally nicer than mine) — but we got a few more clues dropped. Ben used to be nice and the best day of his life was when he became a teacher. And he’s 26. So, not that much older than Serena and co. who are 19/20. So did Ben work at S’s boarding school? Did she hook up with him? (There was some reference to S and a teacher last season when her dad was in town.) But surely if he was charged with statutory rape her mother would know about it. Bah! I do not know. Any theories? Am I missing something obvious?

  • Vanessa looked gorgeous in her first scene: loved the dress on her, the pattern was V-bohemian without being fugly, her accessories and hair: perfection.
  • Serena calls Dan out on his “mad face.” Total mad face.
  • “Bassectomy.”
  • “I’m a big believer in second chances.” Aw, Nate. I love that within one day you make this gesture to two of your ex girlfriends.
  • Blair in the bath with chocolates and macarons, talking about chucking Chuck? Classic.
  • Vanessa used FourSquare to figure out where Juliet lives? Beware: Mayorships are dangerous titles to hold. (Tho it doesn’t make a lot of sense that Juliet was checking in at the place yet also required a delivery boy.)
  • The Dean to Vanessa: “I’m sorry: who are you?” Dismissed.
  • The episode’s title was inspired by Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974, dir. Martin Scorsese).

My favorite thing about this episode: they’re at the ballet! Peter Martins! Perhaps my favorite cameo on Gossip Girl of all time. I loved that the girls were all in appropriately flowy, pastelly, gorgeous gowns; I loved that the last time I was in New York I stood right in all of those places (sans champagne and drama but still); I love that the show put the New York City Ballet in the spotlight. <3

Next week: “The Witches of Bushwick.” Sounds like the two Js and V are going to put their plan to DESTROY SvdW into action. Hopefully it involves more than smirking at each other over Skype.

2 thoughts on “Gossip Girl: “Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” (ep 408)

  1. Blair’s bathrobe=probably a ridiculous sum of money. Chuck in Blair’s bathrobe=priceless.
    Loved them this episode, and Chuck’s uncanny ability to spot every lie that rolls off B’s tongue. The Breakfast Club’s massive takedown was much-appreciated, but I still need to know Juliet’s big secret.

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